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DirectX 11 refuses to stay in full screen mode: Has this been mentioned before?

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This article is from the developer of VirtualDub, referenced from his blog. Source.

He mentioned the following quote:

I've been working on getting full-screen mode support into a Direct3D 11 based program, and in my opinion Microsoft got a little too fancy with their new full-screen support in the DirectX Graphics Infrastructure (DXGI) layer. The idea is that DXGI handles most of the work for you now, including setting the window mode, changing the window frame and size, etc. However, DXGI's automatic handling only really works when you've got something simple like a single overlapped window with a caption bar and menu. Throw in a status bar, a side panel, and other window decorations, and it becomes more of a headache.

If you're going through this yourself, let me drop you a hint now and save you some time: don't try to call IDXGISwapChain::SetFullscreenState(TRUE) on a swap chain whose output window is a child window. You can create a windowed swap chain that way, but if you try transitioning to full-screen mode you will get DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL (887A0001). AFAIK this isn't documented, and the debug runtime wasn't spitting out a message either.

Has this been mentioend before?

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