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Dominion - Episode 1 - Pax

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I'd like to announce Dominion to the Halls of GameDev - our latest, greatest, and certainly insanest project.

Dominion is a free-to-play(micro-transaction) space arcade/combat/adventure/trading game - but with fairly mighty ambitions! Ongoing, we want to evolve this into a game with a staggering amount of content - one where you could, eventually, fly across the galaxy, land in a city, get out and take a stroll around a level someone has authored and submitted...

You can find out more here : http://www.maksw.com/dominion/

However, the drive is for the Kickstarter page here : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/maksw/dominion-episode-1

Yes, I know - Yet Another Space Combat Trading Piracy Game!

But, I'm sorry - I've been designing/planning this for 25 years now, and although some other notable (and very good!) projects recently "got there first" - that's not enough to derail my mad ambitions!

It's sad that I have only come back to GameDev to plug something - but for the past few years I've been working my fingers to the bone to get stable enough to be able to launch this beast - and inconvenient timing aside - the time is right!

I realised I was starting to post updates on the KS page as if it were a dev blog - then I remembered GameDev and my long-ignored journal - so I'll be using that to cross-post from now on!

I think if this gets off the ground - it's going to rock - and given GameDev's nature, I'd like to draw your attention to this aspect of it - http://www.maksw.com/dominion/ca/ - this is a cheeky ask I know! But before judging, please read it and feel the ethic behind it... we're not trying to stand on anyone's shoulders and make off with the riches(if any!) - but to organise something quite magical... a game with content generated by a massive collection of small contributions from a development community, vastly increasing diversity - and if all goes well, the time and effort will be reimbursed!

I'd ask - if you're an artist with a mind to contribute funds to the project - why not contribute some content instead?

Finally, before anyone asks or posts a reply - yes, I am clinically insane... I have a certificate to prove it and everything... somewhere... I may have lost it... blink.png Edited by Mak

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