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OpenGL OpenGL Terrain Grid Creation, Triangle Strips indexing issue

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Okay, I feel like an idiot, I have an assignment due in some 96 hours, and I've not yet got to the interesting bit.

Heres the deal: I'm trying to create an array of vertices, a grid, so that I can edit the y value in GLSL (later, don't worry about that now).

the trouble I'm having, is indexing my grid into triangle strips. Getting all the info into a VAO of VBOs is fine, and creating the vertices array i fine, just the Triangle strip indexing is letting me down.. please help me find my error.. its probably a semantic as opposed to syntactic.

I'm getting an access violation.. apparently I'm reading -1008 indices too far?

PS: A GUVector4 is what you think it is. All verts are in the range 0-1.

PPS: Slack I know, but we're working on a vert per pixel basis, mainly for simplicity in setting up tex coords.

PPPS: #define TERRAIN_L_XZ 1024

int index, x, z;
float posX, posZ;

//the number of vertices we will need for our terrain mesh
m_verticesCount = TERRAIN_L_XZ * TERRAIN_L_XZ ;

//the number of indices required for triangle strips
m_indicesCount = ( TERRAIN_L_XZ - 1 ) * ( TERRAIN_L_XZ * 2 ) ;

//create our arrays
vertices = new GUVector4[m_verticesCount];
texCoords = new GUVector2[m_verticesCount];
faceIndex = new GLuint[m_indicesCount];

//now to fill our arrays
// here we use a nested for loop and a seperate index to create a 1D arrays from 2D data sets..
index = 0;

for ( x = 0 ; x < TERRAIN_L_XZ ; x++ ) {
for ( z = 0 ; z < TERRAIN_L_XZ ; z++ ) {
posX = ( float ) x;
posZ = ( float ) z;

vertices[index].x = posX / TERRAIN_L_XZ;
vertices[index].z = posZ / TERRAIN_L_XZ;
vertices[index].y = 0.0f;
vertices[index].w = 1.0f;
texCoords[index].x = posX / TERRAIN_L_XZ;
texCoords[index].y = posZ / TERRAIN_L_XZ;

//now we must index our array of positional data: this should create triangle strips
index = 0;
int no_verts = TERRAIN_L_XZ * TERRAIN_L_XZ; // = 1,048,576
int no_indices= ( TERRAIN_L_XZ - 1 ) * ( TERRAIN_L_XZ * 2 ); // = 2,095,104

for( x = 0; x < TERRAIN_L_XZ ; x++ ) { //for each row
for( z = 0; z < TERRAIN_L_XZ ; z++ ) { //for each vert in the row
faceIndex[index] = z;
index++ ; // at the point of the access violation crash, index = 2,096,112
faceIndex[index] = z + TERRAIN_L_XZ; //.. 2,095,104 - 2,096,112 = -1008 : i.e. no_indices - index = -1008
index++ ;

Please help! I have an assignment due in 96 hours and I'm getting panicky. I've done this many times with just a trianglelist in DirectX, so I should be feeling so far out of my depth!

Thanks in advance, if you'd like more info please ask :)

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Your faceIndex array is only of the size
( TERRAIN_L_XZ - 1 ) * ( TERRAIN_L_XZ * 2 )
whereas your face filling loops are producing

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Indeed! I was just about to edit to say i'd fixed it with making the indices array bigger : ( TERRAIN_L_XZ ) * ( TERRAIN_L_XZ * 2 )

Now my problem is that my flat sqaure isn't rendering properly at all..

Anyways, SOLVED.

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