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Medo Mex

Getting world space position from mesh space position

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I'm loading .x file hierarchy, so I have different frames, when the mesh is moving I want to get the position of the eyes, so I added a sphere exactly infront of the eyes in the 3D modeling software, and trying to get the WORLD position for that sphere instead of the mesh position.

I'm using the following code and getting the same position no matter where the model move:
D3DXVECTOR3 GetEyesPosition()
D3DXFRAME_EXTENDED* frame = (D3DXFRAME_EXTENDED*)D3DXFrameFind(m_frameRoot, "eyesSphere");
return D3DXVECTOR3(frame->TransformationMatrix._41, frame->TransformationMatrix._42, frame->TransformationMatrix._43);

How do I calculate the frame world space position?

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