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vce 2010 how to rebuild soil lib.

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hi everyone,

i tried to rebuild SOIL from sln file in C9 folder but i always get errors in the solution explorer which said the soil is unavailable. is there some VCE++ settings that i did not check correctly?

this problem appeared for all the sln library for other vendors, too.

solving this mystery will help me greatly. i will really appreciate if someone can help me with this one.


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i just double clicked the sln file and it loaded into vc 2010, but then the project in solution explorer said it was unavailable and when i expanded that, it say the file was unloaded.

i tried to rebuild freeImage, and i have problem as well. vce 2010 just said files not converted. i tried the latest sln, but they still failed.

is there some settings i should set before loading the sln file(C9) ?

maybe the i downloaded was corrupted after i unzip it. i used both unzip option from windows explorer and 7zip each, but i still get the same problem. the vc kept saying that the file was corrupted. Edited by nickme

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