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Different Matchmaking SDK/API products

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Hi All,
I'm in search of any available Matchmaking SDK/API products for PC games, preferably open source if possible. I've found 2 big names so far, Gamespy and Steam. However, they have disabled the download of their SDK. All I've found so far is alot of sales-pitch documentation, but I'm looking for something technical, like the SDK and sample tutorials.

I've been tasked with evaluating a matchmaking product for an upcoming game my company is releasing. Can someone help?

Thanks alot in advance for any help. Edited by cafeguy

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If you're asked to evaluate just a single product, then it sounds like the decision is already made, and you should just figure out what it would take to use that product.
If you want to evaluate what the best matchmaking solution is, I suggest you talk to the Steam and Gamespy people, and get evaluation agreements with them as well, so you can compare all three.
Also, if you have contacts with console development, you can compare the matchmaking SDKs for Playstation Online and Xbox Live!
If you don't, you could still look at the old XNA networking library, which has a high-level interface to the Xbox Live! matchmaking system (but doesn't expose many details.)

If some open source system provided matchmaking, I imagine it would be Lidgren networking or RakNet, but last I checked, that wasn't what they focused on.

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