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Making UI text look good with ID3DXFont?

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Tispe    1468
Hi guys.

What can I do to enhance the visual appearance of text generated from ID3DXFont? Does Scaleform middleware build on ID3DXFont or have they rolled their own?

So.... do I have to render my UI to a texture, apply some gaussian kernels etc to get better quality text, or are there other ways?

Here is what I have, the blue one on the left. On the right is some AAA titles for comparison.

[img][/img] Edited by Tispe

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LevyDee    377
I am not sure because I have never worked with ID3DXFont, but if you could run the draw call through a shader program you could apply anti aliasing, color adjustments and other effects to make the text look better, but I think generally you are going to be better off rolling your own font/text engine.

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