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I'd love some feedback on my software website and my projects!

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The layout is pretty simple and features your content heavily without any distracting elements, which is great!

A few notes:[list]
[*]Your heading is an image, but it's actually just some relatively simple text. You should just use text rather than the image; it's better for search engines and screen-readers (used by the vision impaired), and it will likely decrease your file-size (and therefore loading time) and page rendering time slightly.
[*]You shouldn't customise the scrollbar; all this does it make it (granted, only slightly) harder to recognise and use, and is generally considered bad practice. People are used to seeing and using the standard scroll-bar.
[*]For me, your choice of font isn't very clear. It almost looks like a print-out where the printer is running out of ink. Choose a font that is clear and easy to read. Given the low information density of your pages I would probably increase the font size (therefore promoting readability) as well.
[*]I'd add a brief about page with a little information about you, or you might even simply include a short by-line at the bottom of the homepage.
[*]I wouldn't bother with the obfuscation of your email address personally, preferring plain text or even a clickable mailto link instead. This is your spam filter's job. My gmail address is plainly available all over the internet, but the spam filtering is good enough that I haven't seen any spam in my inbox for [i]years[/i]. Alternatively if you're not comfortable, use a simple "contact" form instead.

Hope that helps! [img][/img]

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