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Gareth Wiecko

New to this site, I'd appreciate your opinion on some tracks I've recently made. :D

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Hey man,

First off, welcome!! I checked out a few of your tracks. Overall, you do a good job of creating atmosphere! Here are a few points for you to consider:

Something Wicked Comes:

0 - 47 is great. I especially like the piano.

The cymbal swell sounds pretty processed - like it was stretched or just a low quality sample. If this was intentional, cool. If it wasn't then consider replacing it. It jumped out to my ears because everything else up to this point was acoustic and realistic so a sythentic layer really jumped out at me.

Much of the mix seems to be static and center panned - consider moving things around to create more space and interest.

The guitar riff and the percussive element (sounds like a loop) at the change near 47 do not mesh well. The two conflict with each other creating an impression of sloppy rhythms.

I get what you're going for with the low strings but there's a ton of reverb on the strings and the attack is quite slow so it takes away from the impact.

For the build up/crescendo near 2:58, I'd consider also increasing the tempo dynamically to help create even more tension. Slowly building up the instrumentation definitely is effective but it can be pushed further!

Again - take a close look at some of the rhythmic loops you're using and seeing how they're jiving (or not jiving) with the other layers you're playing in.

There's some nice growth and changes in your piece so I definitely think you have a ton of promise. The production just needs a bit more polish to really let your music shine as much as it deserves. I'm glad you shared your work with us.


Nate Edited by nsmadsen

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Really nice. Percussion is real fresh and crisp. Piano is nice also

Also don't worry about your music being overly-realistic..nothing wrong with creativity and imagination

Overall, really nice creative work and your music is perfect for games

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