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SAS Scripting - LoopByCount

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I am trying to make a pass loop using SAS scripting in FX composer. It doesn't want to work. The error is:

[size=3][i]"Error This CgFX effect uses a LoopByCount which is not supported: LoopByCount=gIterationsPerFrame. The loop structure will be ignored and enclosed commands will be executed once"[/i][/size]

It seems odd seeing as I am not using CgFX but HLSL. Is it still possible to loop using SAS scripting?

p.s. I am using FX composer to write and test the shader.

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float gIterationsPerFrame
<string UIName = "Kawase Iterations";
string UIWidget = "slider";
float UIMin = 0;
float UIMax = 100;
float UIStep = 1;
> = 10;
It is being assigned a number > 0. Does HLSL maybe not support this aspect of the SAS scripting? Edited by dAND3h

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