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C++ having problems with making a bot for MY private server.

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I am making a server for a mmorpg somewhat soon, and i want to release a bot to go with it, since i dont want people having the ability to level to the maximum within a week or less but i don't want them to be discouraged from the amount of farming exp and items, so i want to make a bot that handles -8 accounts. im somewhat good with c++, do not tell me "use autoit" i am trying to make it look somewhat professional and actually work with the settings on their computer, I am good with the functions for windows.h but i cant figure out how to make the bot read or write to memory nor can i figure out how to use softice(not sure if i even have the correct one.)

Now, the game is simple and i would have only 2 spells per account being used (long or short ranged) and monster icons and hp are always in the same x,y pos so the AI is very basic having all the accounts do the exact same things, but i cant figure out how to look at let alone edit the packets to allow my bot to work without having each account become the focus window at every step of the fight.

the reason for 1-8 accounts is that most people on the normal server have anywhere from 1-8 usually 4-8 once they reach higher levels to allow for them to be able to do things without searching for a group since most dungeons take up to 5 hours at higher levels and it would be easier to have all you need instead of being stuck half way through once someone decides that they have to get off or you need to leave.. you know how it can be. anyway,

it is strictly for my server, but its not up yet so i cant learn with it, and im not the host i am paying my friend to set it up but he has no idea how to make a bot so im looking for some help.

I would like help with
-some tutorials on or around the subject.
-someone to help me through it(i don't need much help, an hour or two would probably be enough for me to get in the right direction)
-the source code to someones bot(i could probably look through it to find what i need.)
-where to go to find someone to teach me (cheap)

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