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A Forum of pseucode for graphic amusements

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Hello fellow programmers!

After some thought I've decided that I'd like to launch a little project.
I've created a different forum where the focus is on presentation of effects and amusements platform independent pseudocode.
The core concept of my forum is presentation of classic effects in such a way that any programmer can implement them in any language. A C++ programmer need not struggle through Lisp nor a Python programmer get lost in x86 assembly language to learn a neat effect.

The effects and amusements we focus on are mostly static raster effects such as fractals.
That said we also have some cellular automaton examples that are meant to be enjoyed in real time.

My moderators and hand selected members have done a great job laying down some examples for you to try.
We look forward to more user contributed pseudocode. It is not about compiled works, it is about giving other programmers
some recreations to try on a lazy afternoon.

Please join if you want to contribute! (The URL is a bit hard to remember, so do bookmark and come back :) )
We do have an approval system to avoid bots so please give me a few hours to approve you (I do actually sleep sometimes)

http://forums.pixeloutlaw.smakweb.com/index.php <- Ultimate Effects Universe Forum

Here is one such example we cover "Attractors" Learn to make such things in your language today!

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