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Tim Coolman

Separate input for additional 10-key keypad

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I am writing Windows DirectX 11 software in C++ for which I would like to receive input from both a regular keyboard and a 10-key keypad. I would like a secondary user to be able to input from a 10-key keypad without disrupting the use of the full keyboard by the primary user. For example, if the primary user is typing into a text box, I would like the secondary user to be able to send 10-key data to the software to be handled separately so it does not affect the text box input. I am currently using DirectInput for both mouse and keyboard. But if anyone knows of a solution through the Windows API, I would consider that as well.

When I create my keyboard device in DirectInput, I am currently using the GUID_SysKeyboard value, which lumps both keyboards into one so that my software can't discern the source of keyboard input. Is it possible to use EnumDevices to identify the two keyboards and create separate DirectInput devices? I imagine it would be, but I'm not sure how to go about identifying each device from the DIDEVICEINSTANCE structure provided to the EnumDevices callback. I would like to make this as generic as possible so it can be used with different combinations and models/brands of keyboards.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

(Note: I posted this same question on StackOverflow)

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