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Path Finding Potential Field problem

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I'm writing my own path finding, aimed at guiding crowds of enemies I've gone for a potential field approach.
while recalculating it keeps looping through already complete elements which is obviously not what I want.
I've tried various things but I can't figure out whats going on, its likely something stupid and small but I've tried many things to prevent this, now I'm even using a dictionary to log all the completed elements and checking if a key is in the dictionary before adding it, but despite my efforts its still adding completed elements!

U, D, L, R are the elements to the Up, Down, Left and Right respectively to the element in question, its worth noting that the field loops around the map, so with a map of 32x 32 elements, element[0,0].L will be element[31,0].
EDIT: position is the elements position within the array of elements making the field.

public void start()
value = 0;
List list;
List next;
List A = new List();
List B = new List();
Dictionary done = new Dictionary();
done.Add(this.position, this);
if (U.value >= 0) A.Add(U);
if (D.value >= 0) A.Add(D);
if (L.value >= 0) A.Add(L);
if (R.value >= 0) A.Add(R);
list = A;
next = B;
int x = 1;
while (list.Count > 0)
foreach (Potential i in list)
done.Add(i.position, i);
if (!done.ContainsKey(i.U.position) && i.U.value >= 0) next.Add(i.U);
if (!done.ContainsKey(i.D.position) && i.D.value >= 0) next.Add(i.D);
if (!done.ContainsKey(i.L.position) && i.L.value >= 0) next.Add(i.L);
if (!done.ContainsKey(i.R.position) && i.R.value >= 0) next.Add(i.R);
list = (list == A ? B : A);
next = (next == A ? B : A);

any and all help would be greatly appreciated,
thanks in advanced,

BIG EDIT: I'm a complete dumbo, completely missed that elements may be added to "next" multiple times, I was stuck on this for at least 2 hours and it was one of those silly little mistakes! so sorry to waste your time with this topic. Edited by bombshell93

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