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Colin Barry

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Not sure if Andrew is in the process of knocking one up, but we seem to be lacking a forum FAQ. I have noticed that several questions seem to be asked quite a lot, such as how do I get started with Direct Sound, what format is best, what sequencer should I use, how do I get started, whats a good mp3 encoder, problems with soundfonts, etc. I suggest we collate all these questions and answers into a FAQ. I''d be willing to write it if no else wants to. Assuming Andrews OK''s it, if anyone else has any ideas of what content should go in, post ''em here.

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If you read the lounge, you will know I recently just lost nearly all my stuff in a hard drive crash.

Colin, I agree, this forum needs an FAQ. I am going to get this FAQ done, although, now it may take even longer.

If anyone is intrested in helping speed up things, such as, if they have a question and answer they feel should go in it, email me at

Thanks for any help you can give
- Andrew

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