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Medo Mex

Terrain Multi-texture

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I have two textures, one for grass and the other is for sands, I'm trying to mix both in the terrain so I can have more realistic terrain, here is what I'm doing in the rendering code:

mD3dDevice->SetTexture(0, grassTexture);
mD3dDevice->SetTexture(1, sandsTexture);
// Code to render the terrain...

The problem is that the above code only render the grass texture.

I have created the terrain in 3Ds Max, How can I specify the areas that will use the texture 'sandsTexture'? Is there is a modifier in 3Ds max that I can use to do that?

I thought VertexPaint will work, but it doesn't work, I'm exporting .x file and loading the terrain from .x file.

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Most of the terrain will be using the grass texture, how can I specify the areas that will use the sands texture? Edited by Medo3337

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Most the times you use a blend map to describe what texture you want to apply where on your terrain. It's commonly referred to as Texture Splatting. There's a pretty good overview here:


Basically, you have an RGBA texture that has each channel dedicated to 1 texture (so, grass could be the red channel and sand the green channel). Then in your shader code you just sample all your textures and multiply them by the blend specified in the blend map:

float4 sand = textureSampler.Sample(textureSand, input.Tex);
float4 grass = textureSampler.Sample(textureGrass, input.Tex);
// Add up to 2 more textures (of course you can exceed that limit in various ways, but I'll keep it simple).
float4 blend = textureSampler.Sample(textureBlendMap, input.Tex);

float4 finalColor = grass * blend.r + sand * blend.g /*add other channels here*/;

return finalColor;

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