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SDL Animation when using large sprite sheets

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rootoutcast    101
Hi everyone I am new to, I am working on a super mario style game. I have used sites such as and to get information. The problem I am trying to solve is that I have a sprite image each frame for the sprite is 64x64 pixels the sheet is set up in 5 columns the rows are for each animation state such as standing, walking and jumping all have a different number of frames depending on what the animation is.

From Looking at lazyfoo's site his animation tutorial looks like you have to set the position of each frame individually. My image has 64 frames of animation. I am looking for another way of cliping the sprites.

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You could calculate the clip rects using math, and wrap it in a function.
rect.x = (column * SpriteWidth)
rect.y = (row * SpriteHeight);
rect.w = SpriteWidth;
rect.h = SpriteHeight;

Several years ago, I created a single header file that wraps it all for you providing convenience functions.

That thread's formatting has deteriorated with time, but the [url=""]download link[/url] still works. If you have any questions, just ask.

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eppo    4877
If you're on D3D10+ hardware, you might want to use texture arrays (as long as all sprites are the same size) as they prevent filtering artifacts between neighboring sprites.
Instead of cutting sprites out of a sheet in a shader you can do it at load-time. Edited by eppo

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