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ToneMap with other post process effect

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Look at a lot of post process effect in chain :
Depth Of Field->Bloom->MotionBlur->FXAA

Now, add a tone map in it.Since tone map is the only one who need a RGBA32 input texture, does it right to make it first to avoid all other post process to be RGBA32 ? Does it can be done before Bloom to avoid bloom output a RGBA32 texture ?
What is the good way to handle all that without loose perf too much perf ?


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DOF, Boom and Motion blur all look much more realistic if they are done before tone-mapping (e.g. an out-of-focus bright point turns into a large disc, or a fast moving bright particle turns into a bright line), but yes, you get much better performance if they are done after tone-mapping.

Personally, if I was making a PC game, I would support both approaches and give the user the option of "HDR Post Processing: Yes/No", etc...

FXAA should always be done after tone-mapping.

In the last game I worked on, we did do most of the post-processing after tone-mapping, for performance reasons.
For the bloom, we used the HDR image as an input, but copied it to an RGBA8888 texture with something like [font=courier new,courier,monospace]output=(HDR*scale)-bias[/font], which acts as a traditional "threshold" pass.
- Threshold and bias (to 8888) - blur, blur, blur -
/ \
HDR- - Screen Blend - DOF, motion blur - FXAA
\ /
- ToneMap (to 8888) -------------------------------

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