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Animate2D (Studio Edition) Version 1.6.2

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Animate2D (Studio Edition) available on Google Play: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coppola.animate2dlite is now Ad supported via Tapjoy. In light of this I've enabled save functionality so you can experiment with animation ideas in longer than a single sitting. Works on phone or tablet and a number of new features have been developed since you may have last looked at it.

  • Copy paste delete range
  • Goto markers
  • Improved performance with new Frame Slider
  • New propagate functions that cut across frames
  • Graphing - absolute angle, relative angle, XY plot of position (v1.6.3) 
  • Bezier Curve Smoothing
  • Back button integration throughout
  • Total Offline usage Capability

Bezier Smoothing with Graphing tool:




Bezier Curve smoothing tool for position on XY plot coming in version 1.6.3:










Got rid of lines pointing to cutout in selection wheel much cleaner:


Virtual Currency Integration: Less distracting that banners:

You can earn Creativos (the virtual currency) to use functionality that allows you to create your own animations rather than preview what is there:

Activated by Pressing the Creativo Button

Back button Navigation now Working Through out Application:

Context Sensitive left tool bar and simple slider for frame navigation:


For documentation on how to use it you can check out my blog http://animate2d.blogspot.com

Development is moving fast.

Edited by Animate2D

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But what a powerful little device that nexus 4 is. The only one that can render the animation zoomed in with onions skins with the animation explorer open and not reduce frame rate. Steady at 60 fps with the resource hogging admob javascript in a box api running as well. I gotta get me one of those.

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