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Leyder Dylan

Structure Problem

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Hi, I''ve this structure : VECTOR 3D vPolygone[4]; My problem is that with this structure, I''ve only one polygone. I would like to make another structure for calling more that one polygone. Ex : Polygone[0].vPolygone[4]; // Polygone 1 Polygone[1].vPolygone[4]; // Polygone 2 Polygone[2].vPolygone[4]; // Polygone 3 etc ... Thanks in advance. ======================== Leyder Dylan

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A very simple and quick solution would be to use a structure (or class) of "polygon's".

For example just create a structure like this in C++:

struct POLYGON
VECTOR3D vertex[4];

Then create an array of POLYGON's:


then you can access the polygon's in the way you specified in your post:

polygons[0].vertex[0].x = 15; // for example

You should use a class if you also need associated methods.
I hope that helps.

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