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drawindexed: index buffer has not enough space!

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I'm working on a project of mine, using D3D11 C++, and from some reason I keep getting the warning that
an index buffer has not enough space.
I'm afraid the code is not as simple to debug, not as short and straight forward, so I would rather
not write it here.

I did however captured a frame using PIX, and uploaded it.
Notice if you go to the last draw frame, and to the 'Render' tab, you'll see
the warning.
The full warning is:
D3D11: WARNING: ID3D11DeviceContext::DrawIndexed: Index buffer has not enough space! [ EXECUTION WARNING #359: DEVICE_DRAW_INDEX_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL ]

You can look at the index buffer size, and the parameters to the DrawIndexed. Combining everything together,
the size of the buffer is big enough.

Also, everything is rendering fine. The only problem is the warning.

I know PIX is old, however the "new pix" is available in visual studio, but not in express edition. PIX however,
is still free. Which is why i'm using it.

The PIX File:

If anyone has any other place he would like me to upload the PIX file to, please say so.
Also, it would be nice if someone can at least comment and say he see the same thing as me - that is, he see the warning while also seeing buffer is big enough.

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