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PRBSP_CollisionCheck work around

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I''m having trouble with PRBSP_CollisionCheck. According to the manual it is supposed to check for collisions as a bounding box is moved from a starting point to an ending point against a BSP entity, like a room. In reality however it just checks a cube/sphere that fits in the bottom of the bounding box. The top of the bounding box is ignored. You can see this if you fool with simpleland. This is fine if your character is short and fat, but not to useful otherwise. The only workaround I''ve found is to call it multiple times until I fill the real "rectangular" bounding box. I''m new to PR though, so I was wondering if there is a better solution that people have found. As a side note, the routine also changes the value passed in the starting point, although according to the manual it should only change the ending point if a collision is found. thanks, --vic

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