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Decent 2D isometric tutorial?

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sandorlev    193

I've been searching the internet for literally weeks and I haven't been able to locate a decent 2D isometric tutorial or book. Yes, I've read multiple articles here on gamedev, but they're either really old or they don't go into specifics at all. What I'm looking for is one that:
- is recent (not older than ~3-4 years)
- is preferably in C++
- covers basic tile attributes
- covers basic pathfinding
- covers camera movements.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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Have you already seen [url=""]this tutorial[/url]? (SFML and C++ with Lua for scripting)

Isometric pathfinding shouldn't be any different than regular pathfinding, which would explain your lack of finding isometric-specific pathfinding articles.
Camera movements aren't specific to isometric either.
Oftentimes you won't find a complete solution in a single tutorial or book, but will have to use knowledge gained from articles and tutorials of different genres and put them together.

"Modern" isometric is done using 3D, and you'd just look at 3D tutorials and use a 3D engine, just changing the camera to an isometric perspective - so you won't find any "modern" isometric tutorials for 2D. (If by 'modern' you mean modern technology, and not just date of writing)

What about the 3-4 year old tutorials are not working for you?

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