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hello,everybody ,i am AlanWu.
I got some questions here.Please help me.
I want a font drawer,i tried ID3DXFONT ,it is so-so, just so-so.
And I think its speed is good enough.
But i want to change the spacing between the character and the spacing between line.And some special effect,e.g. stroke ,shadow,light.
Some people said, move up,down,left,right each 1 pixel and draw then draw the middle one,it can be stroke.I tried this method, but it looks a little bit strange. Does anybody have better method?
ID3DXFONT can't change the line spacing,so i want to make a flexible font by myself.And i have a look the source code of CFont ,it use GDI put all the character into a texture,but it can only draw ASCII character,i search about Chinese character,Chinese character is called GB2312 ,but it has 8187 character in GB2312 ,should i put 8187 character into a texture?I think it is impossible,do i have other way to do this?
Thanks everybody very much!

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