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Mesh swap in XNA Animation

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I am learning how to skin meshes (never have I done it, so I think it's high time o.O), I am using ported XNA Animation Component Library to XNA 4.0. Everything works fine except one thing. I want to be able to swap meshes inside a model (for instance, say my character is a sword master, and I want to change his weapon in hand). I noticed that XNA animation requiers for all objects in my file to have weights (which I am not sure about). I am also using custom effects.
So do you have any ideas how to change mesh inside model with XNA animation (i.e. swap it with mesh from other model)?
I also want it to be animated so I need to create animation inside character model for my weapon smile.png
Solved it, took me a lot time yesterday to search the internet and after posting a topic on gameDev i solved it in few minutes :)
For those who want to do same thing as I do and don't know how:
In my weapon file I created a bone named the same way as in my character model and I added skin modifier to the weapon and added that bone(I am not sure if it is required). then in XNA:
sword.World = character.modelAnimator.GetAbsoluteTransform(character.modelAnimator.BonePoses["weapon"].Index) * character.World;
(sword and character are objects of my class to store info that I use, like materials, animations etc.).
I also add a flag for proxy weapon in character model to not draw it :) Edited by Tasaq

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