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Co-Operative Economy, Capitalists Fear Not

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Co-operative societies. Do you think it would be possible to implement this successfully in an MMO?

Note: This concept does not remove the ability for players to buy/sell/trade with each other. The aim is to alter the way currency enters the economy to combat the multidute of issues that come with currency in current MMOs.

Using bare-bones Dark Age of Camelot as an example: Three realms at war. Centralized PvP area separated from each domain's PvE/homeland area.

Two forms of currency, New-player tokens and Domain tokens. These titles are just placeholder names.

New-player tokens would be available on a limited basis free of charge. If you just started and you want to get a low-grade item specific to an aspect of the game you wish to pursue. For example, a smith's hammer. Now you can start on your way to becoming a smith.

Domain tokens would be distributed by your Domain's NPC government. Domain tokens are not freely handed out. You need to participate in some fashion to be worthy of receiving payment for your efforts on behalf of your Domain. An example would be a baker making cakes. He doesn't have any players interested in buying the cakes or he needs to get rid of them fast so he turns them into specific NPC locations. The NPCs do not give currency in return. These "donations" go towards developing your domain and supplying the NPC portion of your domain which is all done by the game, not player influenced. Your standing in your domain will increase, you may gain participation, as well increase the chance/amount of Domain tokens you can acquire. The more wealth the domain NPCs are provided the stronger and more capable they will be when defending PvP objectives.

Excess wealth acquired by the domain NPCs would be returned, based upon participation, as dividends to the players. This is how Domain tokens are added to the game. Once Domain tokens are in the economy they become a commodity that is able to be traded/exchanged for certain benefits. As a player you can participate in the NPC economy to benefit your domain and earn a shot at being rewarded Domain tokens or you can gain tokens just by selling/trading stuff.

There is potential to allow guild leaders to place bounties/rewards upon completing specific tasks. If you exhibit your valor in combat, you may be rewarded by the guild controlling the keep for your service in protecting their lands. It would help build co-operative relationships in a game where community strength is critical for game success.

More to come, but I didn't want to make this post any longer than it already is. Edited by Caldenfor

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