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Unity An MMORPG as a Javascript/programming teaching tool

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JoshNet83    137
I've been developing an MMORPG to use as a teaching tool for Javascript, HTML, and other programming concepts. It's received a huge amount of attention lately in various programming communities. I think the GameDev programming community will be especially interested to learn about it. The game is called Topia Online, and the game engine is designed to give player's full scripting capabilities and a marketplace to share their creations.

Here is a screenshot of the marketplace:

All creatures in the game are coded by players, limited only by their creativity and the limitations imposed based on their characters skills and resources. Scripts execute within the context of your character, so you need the appropriate abilities and reagents to invoke scripts. Players can also create their own interfaces. I am currently working on a sandbox which teaches Javascript in an interactive way.

Here's a game screenshot:

Our Kickstarter is trending slowly, and we're having a hard time explaining to non-programmers how they can enjoy the game. We're reaching out to a lot of IT / 'technical' communities to help us get a following. I'm not trying to advertise the Kickstarter, so I won't link it here, but I would definitely like to spark some discussion about 'programming in online games'. I also think this game will be the birth-place of very complicated automated ecosystems and society.

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