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Oliver Sch

Grid, Pathfinding and collision?

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Hi :)
I have a JavaScript server for my Game.

Right now Players simply move around with X,Y coordinates and Velocity.

Collision is detected if a players X,Y is = to an objects X,Y.

I would rather work with a grid.


Grid = [



But right now I have no real Idea how to work on grids :-/ In my head I am only able to run Left and Right on an Array...

Any good tutorials?

I need to learn how to use a grid, and collision detection. Path-finding I understand mostly.

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Use a 2D array, or, an array of arrays.. Or use a 1D array, and create an indexing function that indexes it using:

index = x + (y * MAP_WIDTH)
where your array is (MAP_WIDTH * MAP_WIDTH)..

basically, this puts each 'row' of map-grid points together so that where the first row ends, the second one starts, and where that one ends, the next one starts, etc..

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