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Brass Library to Accompany LASS

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CalebFaithMusic    1068
Hi everyone,

I recently bought Audio Bros LA Scoring Stings [url=""][/url] and I'm looking for a brass sample library to accompany it. I already have EWQL Symphonic Orchestra but I am looking for a more "powerful" brass library. Unfortunately lately I have been having some trouble with the Play engine and their support is just telling me to uninstall everything then re-install it which I have done several times but it still won't work properly.

My budget is $500-1000. So if you have any orchestral brass sample libraries I would love it if you could point me in the direction of the one you recommend.

Thanks heaps,
Caleb Faith

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nsmadsen    5578
Yeah, East West's tech support is definitely not super awesome these days. Sad too because I used to swear by that company. Well here's what I've got:

EWQLSO Platinum - I haven't had many issues with PLAY so I still used it often then supplement that with:

Cinesamples: CineBrass - It's alright but definitely has some holes in it. I've heard some good things about Hollywood Brass but again it's PLAY so that might not help you out.

I also have The Trumpet and The Trombone for solo lines and The Chris Hein Complete for pop brass (which can take some massaging to make it sound good). Finally I have Spitfire's Albion 1 and 2 which don't contain a huge amount of brass elements but do have some.

Hope that helps!


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