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Digital media/Video production for promo

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Greetings community,

Skip to the final paragraph for the "TLDR" version.

A little bit of background info - I am an Android developer and work with a small team (a team of two, actually) which focuses on game development for the Android platform. In the past, we've had moderate success in the sense that our first release received just under half a million downloads and a surprising amount of revenue from that. The game was not the greatest in my opinion, simply because I had the opportunity to do something really great and rather than put the game on the shelf and forget about it, we released it to the market only about 60% complete (the game was playable, but it only had 10 levels which offered only about 30 minutes total play-time). This may or may not have been a bad decision on our part, but the decision came after I had signed a contract which soon required me to work an extra 8 hours every day. Game development was simply not an option, and we had not known if we'd have the motivation to pick back up where we'd left off, or if someone else would release a similar free product to match or surpass ours. Not entirely relevant to the post, but this is my first post so I figure I'd provide a bit of extra info.

Currently, myself and my partner handle all of the art, music, and development aspects of the project. This works out great because we both see eye-to-eye on most things, we are both %100 dedicated to our games while, we are both very aware of what it takes to make hit games on the mobile platform, and most importantly, we have full control over every aspect of our games.

Now, we're coming close to the point of release on our second game, which we've put a huge amount of thought and work into. For the past 5 months we've been treating this project as a second job, with myself working some days up to 16 hours. This is all fun and great, but that doesn't change the fact that it's easy to get lost in the mess of apps/games currently on the market. For this reason, I'm looking to sink whatever funds I'm able to scrounge up into what logical marketing/promotion I can. I know where to go for most of this, but for the life of me I'm not able to come up with the proper search terms that will link me to a digital media/promotional video production company suitable for our needs. What we're looking for is a company (or individual) who is capable of producing videos as "fancy" as, for example, the zombie smash debut trailer ([url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1eF0awSI_s"]Click here for trailer[/url]). I've tried searching Google, gamedev.net, polycount, etc. Most results turn up with promotional videos of other people's products, or software in which to create my own.

My question is, does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations as far as professional promotional video producers go who are fully capable of creating engaging videos for games? We're looking for someone who is as passionate about their work as we are with ours. This includes making sure the video is smooth, visually impressive, and obviously relevant.

Thanks. Edited by jay_s

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