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HyperCard-like Game thing.

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Suese    110

So I'm making a pet project from like,  20 years ago...


Lots of people might remember HyperCard from the 80's.  It was a programming / paint tool,  kind of like an Adobe Flash of the 80's,  only a lot cooler than flash because it came first and it kicked ass and was really easy to use a 6 year old could do it.


Anyhow,  my project is heavily inspired by my experience as a kid, playing with HyperCard and learning to program.


It's hard to explain what it is.  It's a game,  a paint program, a programming tool, and a collaborative point-and-click adventure all in one.  The game itself is programmed by the very players who play it.    Well, that's the idea behind it anyway...




So I'm wondering who wants to be a alpha/beta tester?  Help me find bugs and stuff.  


I have a working version,  it's definitely not finished,  but here it is anyway...


Visit to check it out so far.



let me know what you guys think,


thanks everyone

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