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BEGINNER turorial for Unity3d

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Zrifepsych    345

So I tried to learn from TornadoTwins(making video game from scratch) but it didn't help.It still felt like it's not noob-friendly enough.The only thing I learned is creating objects.My aim is to make 2d sidescrolling a la Megaman X.I need good tutorial for making that kind of game and all the necessary basic knowledge.I have no idea about programming.Like,I have no idea how to use javascript . 

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nesseggman    370


When I was thinking about Unity I used this to help me get used to the interface. It's VERY detailed and will walk you through everything. It starts from the MOST SIMPLE stuff like how to use a menu, save your work, etc. Even if the stuff doesn't make sense at first, I would watch through it all, then you can go back and reference stuff once it all comes together in your head. It even teaches you some Java. It is written for people who know nothing about programming I think.  


After the lessons, they have a follow-along, detailed tutorial on how to create a 2D sidescrolling platformer (it's a Super Mario clone) so that sounds right up your alley :) I know Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man X use pretty different physics and systems but it will give you that foundation hopefully.


However, I took college courses in Java and I already know a bit about C#, too, so I don't know how easy it is to understand without a programming foundation.


The site is written with the intent of using it in as if it were a college course. It is supposed to take 70 hours to complete they estimate. But a lot of that is just listening to videos, and trying your own little projects. I would say follow along with it, and if you get to a part you're confused about, ask around here or look for other info online. It seems to be really helpful from what I've seen of it (I got to the part where they started teaching Java... I have not actually opened Unity myself yet, but I just wanted to learn a little bit about it). Oh they even have "exams" and stuff at the end of the chapters so you can make sure you're keeping up.

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superman3275    2061

3DBuzz is amazing. When I used Unity, they were awesome and helpfull. They even have a series that details how to make an MMO with Unity (Albeit a small one, however Hey, it's an MMO!).


You should also try Youtube, they were a help also. 


Some Tips:

  • Don't join any of the "Collaboration" groups, these almost never amount to anything.
  • Work by yourself and finish at least two good games, then try to join a team / start one.
  • Use youtube and read articles constantly.
  • Learn Javascript and later Migrate to C#
  • Have Fun!

Cheers! I hope this works out ;)!

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