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Oonushi    133
I searched the forum a bit and didn't see this mentioned, so I appologize if this might be covered elsewhere already.

Anyway, I tend to like to lurk on the forums, and I usually don't bother logging in to do so, and I've noticed that in the mobile version of the site (I'm on an android phone), when I click (tap) on a topic, I am brought to the very bottom of the very end of the topic. Which is where I might want to be when I want to post on a topic, but how could I before reading even the originating post? The result is that I navigate to a topic, and then must scroll to the top of the page to start reading. If the topic is multiple pages long, then I must manually navigate from the end of the last page of the topic to the first page. Does this make sense?

I just expect that when I go into a topic that I will be brought to the beginning of it, otherwise, wouldn't the entire page be organized in reverse?

Thoughts? Maybe I'm just clicking in the wrong place? I use the site on my desktop more often than not, so it could be me I suppose.

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Waterlimon    4398
I believe its supposed to jump to the point where you previously left the thread so you can read the new replies.

As a temporary fix you could try opera mobile which miggt fix the original problem but also lets you press a button to go to the top if you scroll upward (which fixes the problem of having to manually scroll a long thread)

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