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Hello Citizens!


Well, I'm having trouble with _SECURE_SCL configurations.


I'm using Visual Studio 2012 and have a C++ project with SFML 2.0 and Assimp.


Assimp says that I should have these flags set, which I did:



Wich is great because I don't want this stuff getting my code slow. But then I have to recompile SFML with these flags, so KernelBase.dll stop yelling access violations exceptions. But I, already set these:
add_definitions( -D_SECURE_SCL=0 )
add_definitions( -D_HASITERATOR_DEBUGGING=0 )
In the CMakeLists.txt and verified their existence in the VS Solution, but the error persists. It start yelling when I create an window.
Could it be a problem in an SFML depedency? So I should recompile ALL the dependencies of ALL libraries that I use recursively?
Am I forgetting something?


I've read in an old thread that I could use #pragma detect_mismatch to pop some link errors when mismatch occurs, but I'm not sure where to put it.


Any help and insight is appreciated!



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That pragma just checks to make sure that you declare the same value for a tag every time. If you give it the args ("thingy", "ver1") and then somewhere else in the code say ("thingy", "ver2") it will pop a mismatch for you because value given for the tag "thingy" doesn't match in all the different locations where the pragma is used. The record is recorded in the .obj file that the pragma appears in, so put it int the code file, not the header.


Possibly your problem is coming from SFML linking to something (a lib) that was compiled with iterator debugging enabled. I haven't used it so I wouldn't know.


As far as I'm aware iterator debugging and scl security are module-wide, but I could be wrong.

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