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cant connect to a virtual os running a basic tcp server

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virtual os is and thats running the TCP server
i ported forward 8888 on the router
client is now set to connect to
cant connect
so something is up

now i have it working now with the virtual os set to bridged, but if i change the client to connect to my real isp ip now its not connecting to the server thats running on the virtual os?, i have port forwarded the right ip and port Edited by Anddos

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It's hard to tell without knowing what virtualization software you're using, what OS you're using, and what networking configuration you're using for the virtual machine.


My *guess* is that the virtual machine is actually running on a private NAT inside the VM, This is, for example, the default set-up for VMWare Workstation. What this means is that only the machine hosting the VM will see the VM network. "ping" from the host machine should get to the VM in this case. If this is the case, either switch to bridged networking and configure it correctly for your network infrastructure, or set up port forwarding *on the host machine* in addition to your router, if your VM host software supports that.

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