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SWFer: Gaplessly looping MP3s in Flash - Pre-alpha release!

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To give a small summary, this is a very early pre-alpha release of SWFer. SWFer can currently be used to create gaplessly looping MP3s in your SWFs so that you can have gaplessly looping audio when working in Flash. As SWFer progresses, I hope it will become a proper SWF compiler/decompiler.
One cool thing is that it loops audio better than Adobe Flash Professional does! I'm hoping to get a nice demo together that shows this, and when I do I'll come back and update this.
If you have any issues/questions, please let me know! I've only tested this on my Windows 7 x64 machine. Again, this is a very early pre-alpha release, and the code is quite... horrible, but this serves as a simple proof of concept, and I hope that someone might find it useful while I continue to slowly work on SWFer in my free time.

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