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Christoher Randin

Unity Trying to create a very basic 2.5D Camera Perspective

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This is using Unity v.4

So, as the title suggest I want to maintain 2D movements while using 3D models to obtain depth in my game, the camera will be tilted and follow the player horizontally and some restrictions on vertical movement.

I have been looking over some tutorials for a couple of days now and nothing really advance. I was wondering what are some nice references to help me build this camera + player object.

How I was hoping to get this working as to have an object and my "player" and have the camera follow the player. So, the player's movement is translated to the camera's movement as well.

The thing is I have sort of got it working, but when I add in a rigidbody into my "player" it tends to wobble completely out of control and it is a big mess keeping it straight up. My player so far is a capsule since I have no art, but I just want to get the logic down. Also, what are some dependencies that one might need for creating this type of camera. I understand the basic speed, jumpSpeed, etc.

Thanks in advance. Edited by Cdrandin

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