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VSYNC in windowed apps on Windows

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Hey. I have a strange problem. I play Guild Wars 1 on Windows XP and the behaviour is like that:

1) Fullscreen + VSYNC = input lag (seen when drag'n'moving windows)
2) Windowed + VSYNC = no input lag (why?)

Why in case 2) I have no input lag? I think that's because I oftean hear that before Vista there is no true vsync for windowed apps in Windows xp, so in Guild Wars vsync in windowed mode is just limiting to 60 fps using internal timers (which does not causes input lag, because swapping buffers isn't lagged by refresh rate).

So there is no true vsync for windowed apps in windows xp, yes? If not, why the behaviour is so strange on windows xp?

I want to know an answer, because the game I developed for linux with vsync has input lag in windowed mode too (so the input lag is in both fullscreen and windowed vsync)... I just want to know if it is normal, because linux uses true vsync in windowed mode unlike windows xp?

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