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IDE c++ compiler for Linux

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I think Bloodshed software has released the Beta version of their popular DevC++ IDE for Linux. I haven't used the Linux version, but I like the Windows version quite well. About the only problem I have with the windows version is direct x, and that shouldn't concern you in linux.

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although might seem complicated for newbies, I would suggest XEmacs (www.xemacs.org) or the original emacs, at first glance it might seem like just a text editor, but it is more than that, personaly I like to have control over my projects, and IDEs like kdevelop are too automated for me, as is using Glade for GTK UI''s the old handmade makefile aproach is the way I like to work, that doesnt mean kdevelop or Glade are not good, its just that they are more than what I need to make games, and game tools.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Sorry this one is gonna be off topic but...


win version is kinda buggy, we''re using it in my c++ class
(it was either this or intro to computers) and I have two
problems with it

1) problem with input(don''t remember the specifics)
2) it crashes my computer

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Original post by Null and Void

I again( hey it's been a while since we had the chance to exchange comments you and I, NULL and Void) agree with you on that. Anjuta is probably one of the best IDEs for Linux. It is the one I prefer to use even when using KDE to develop QT apps. Emacs and all of it's flavors is also an extremely good editor which is included in all Linux distros and doesn't require any downloads... It might be a bit hard for newbs but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty cool...

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