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Call unmanaged code out of managed / c++/cli

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I have a little problem. The situation is that I have a Windows Form on which i render a DirectX frame.

So. The problem I have is that if I want to initialize a XMFLOAT4X4 (<xnamath.h>) I get an error.
I've realized that XMFLOAT4X4, XMVECTORF32, XMVECTOR ... evoke the error. On the other hand XMFLOAT3X3, XMFLOAT3,2 etc. work without any error or warning. Strange

It says:
"__clrcall cannot be used on functions compiled to native code" or
"This function cannot be compiled as managed"

All the problems occur because of this c++/cli - that's for sure because on native C++ all the xnamath stuff work. But I'm sure there must be a solution :/

Any idea how I can handle this problem? I can't imagine that it should not be possible to use the Microsoft's own xnamath lib.

Regards Edited by ~Helgon

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Can you clarify the problem a little bit? Are you refering to some dll on managed side, which is c++/Cli library, and then you get the compile error when you try to build your application? Or are you just refering to xna library and it gives the error message?

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