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Video Game Schooling dilemma

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Hey guys,


I joined this forum because I have a dilemma,  I have a choice between 2 colleges, both for Software Engineering.  One is just your basic software engineering program, the other is with an emphasis on interactive gaming.  


My dilemma lies here,  The First college Conestoga is only 10 minutes from my home whereas the one with interactive gaming, Centennial College is in toronto, about an hour and 15 minutes from my house (and living in toronto is waaay to expensive)


Conestoga offers 6 semesters, 30 courses and Centennial has 37 courses in 9 semesters including 2 paid work terms.  The diffrences in courses are; web game programming, Introduction to Game and Simulation,  Game Programming 1,  Java EE Programming,  Advanced Graphics,  Practical Game Design,  Game Programming 2 plus all the courses conestoga offers aswell as 2 work terms (experiance and cash is good right?).


So is it worth the extra time to travel there?  After I finish whatever program I will also be going to York uni for a year to upgrade my Advanced Diploma (Associates Degree) to a bachelors degree.


ideas or thoughts anyones? Thanks :)

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I'm an American, so I don't know how Canadian higher education works.  Both of these schools look like they're a bit better than an American community college.

I looked at he Conestoga website and didn't find your associates degree program:

I think I found the one for centennial:


Transferring courses is difficult in America, each university is trying to collect your $$$, so many of your associates degree courses will not be transferrable to your bachelors degree.  Call the office of the computer science department at York University and talk to someone about your ideas, plans and questions, they usually aren't busy and may be able to give you a list of transferrable units.


Remember, computer science is in the engineering department, they want you to build skyscrapers when you may only want to code games and toys, so they really try to kill game programmers in the math department after Calculus 1.  Also, none of the computer science classes will have time to teach you how to use a debugger or a call stack, so you should familiarize yourself with one that has a GUI and one that is command line.


Good luck.


- Valles

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First I would like to apologize for not posting in the right forum, aswell as not reading the faqs before posting.  Mr. Sloper, I'm in awe at your knowledge and experiance. 


Thank you Valles for your time and for the answer :)


An ACD or advanced college diploma is similiar to what a American would call and Associates Degree.  These colleges are not typical community colleges.  The best way to describe Conestoga or Centennial is a cross between uni and college as they also grant accredited bachelors degrees.


I learned alot through the FAQs thanks alot guys!!


I have decided to sign a letter of intent with Conestoga College wish me luck :D

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