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Patriarch K

Teofil and Lelle Lova (My Java 2D game)

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This is a game called "Teofil and Lelle Lova" that I've been creating this Autumn and it's 99% finished by now. The only thing that is not finished yet is some small details and that I use a new frame every time I start a new level. Otherwise it's finished.

I've made the music, sound effects, programming, art & animation and everything myself. It took about 1½ month from scratch until this result. Not effective time of course, just some hours now and then on my spare time smile.png

The video is a little bit long because I wanted to present all the music I've made for the game as well.


I will try to make this an applet, but it doesn't work for me with the sound and music because somehow the audio doesn't play when I try to make it an applet. I don't know why but I will continue looking on that so that people actually can play the game.

Meanwhile I have made a youtube video of this game so you can watch it at least. If I was going to get through the whole game naturally it would take an hour or more so I cheated a little bit with the level ups.


The idea with this game is to save the princess Lova. You are the teddybear Teofil and you need to catch butterflies with your thinking bubbles to get them to the ground. Then they will convert into a heart which will make you jump higher. When you can jump high enough you'll get the key to save the princess and you have to confront the evil boss.

You will get a lot of experience and on each level up you can choose either to make your character move faster, shoot faster or more thinking bubbles.

The higher level you get the harder the game will be and the faster the time will count down (time is your enemy) and the more butterflies you will see and the boss will be harder.


Enough talking, check it out here:



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