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Running application with PIX -> shutdown

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Hello everyone

Im currently encountering some issues with PIX. If i run my application without PIX it starts without any problems but if i run it with PIX it runs a little while und before the window shows the process already exits. If i use a replayable thats what i get:

So i can see that the last call was IDXGISwapChain::GetBuffer after that theres an error. So i went to my code which looks like that:

void GxDevice::initBuffers()
	ID3D11Texture2D* targetBuffer = nullptr;
	mSwapChain->GetBuffer(0, __uuidof(ID3D11Texture2D), (LPVOID*)&targetBuffer);

	D3D11_RENDER_TARGET_VIEW_DESC rtvDesc;	memset(&rtvDesc, 0, sizeof(rtvDesc));
	rtvDesc.Format = DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM;
	rtvDesc.ViewDimension = D3D11_RTV_DIMENSION_TEXTURE2D;
	rtvDesc.Texture2D.MipSlice = 0;

	res = mDevice->CreateRenderTargetView(targetBuffer, &rtvDesc, &mRenderView);


So first i added a messagebox before CreateRenderTargetView and it gets hit by PIX. If i move it after CreateRenderTargetView it doesnt get hit.

Then i remembered that i have a little feature in my application that if the binary is built in debug mode and no debugger is attached it attaches a fork of itself to the process as debugger and prints all important debug events to a file. So i turned on that feature and started it again with PIX. What i get now is the following output:

With the obviously interesting line:
D3D11 CORRUPTION: ID3D11Device::CreateRenderTargetView: First parameter is corrupt! [ MISCELLANEOUS CORRUPTION #13: CORRUPTED_PARAMETER1]

So that means targetBuffer seems to be corrupt when using PIX (i dont get that message in the output if i run the application without PIX).

Anyone got an idea why this could happen?

Any help is appreciated,


Ive just seen that this is a known issue with PIX on windows 8... darn it, thats annoying, windows 8 is in such an unfinished state....

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Yea, thanks, ive just seen it. Slowly windows 8 starts to annoy me. A lot of kernel functions are not yet implemented (im not sure how it is now but for example a few weeks ago NtFlushInstructionCache in kernel mode did nothing more but return STATUS_SUCCESS), essential features are missing and so on... Seems like i have to work on my laptop then...

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