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Made my own small GameEngine, but how do i reuse it fast?

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I just made my small gameengine in c++ with sfml, where i have made menus, butttons, gamestates and such.

There are a lot of different files, and some images.


So i how do i reuse it when i have to make a new game?

Should i just copy the header files,cpp files, image folders etc into my new project?

If so, that would be tedious like to link every project with sfml... unsure.png


Btw, I am using microsoft visual studio express 2010.

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hi, i've catch the same problem before.

so if you want to reuse your code, write it independently. i mean, don't do any render, or use any class, library... like sfml. use basic data structure.

for example: if you want to render a character, create 'Character' class, hold infomation for position(int), name(string), class(string), etc. your class should not have any field like Sprite, Font, Model, or any class from sfml(or any library)

and, for each library you use, create a new class named 'CharacterRender' that render the 'Character' class above. and of course, it should have Sprite, Font, Model...

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