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Isometric Demo

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-It scrolls nice.
-You have cute little jeeps around.

Not so good:
-Need some work on them tiles. Such as more realistic ground cover, layered dirt and grass, etc. Shouldnt be too hard.
-I couldnt tell what the darker square patches were suppose to be. Trees?? darker grass?? ...i have no clue, so that needs work. Basically i should NOT have to guess what it is.
-No houses, trees, shrubs, or other distinct looking features of the terrain. It looks like a very flat area.

Congrats if this is your first ISO demo. I would spend a some time working on the map: layered tiles of different terrain textures, Trees and different shrubs, Rocks and Boulders. Get that all figured out before you go too deep into playing with jeeps and stuff. Good luck.

WinME, 500M ram, 1.4AMD, Geforce2

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thx for your comments

of course, there arn''t interesting textures such as different grass, rocks and so on. the dark tiles should have been trees but i think there are some errors in the rendering function (thx for the note).
this is only the begin of my engine and i focused mainly the unit movement (pathfinding, smooth movements, ...)

in the final game there will be more textures and buildings, thats clear.

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It works well! Nice work.

The path finding is especially good. I was impressed how the jeeps refuse to drive over each other. Just to test it fully, I collected all the jeeps together - and it was impressive to see them all move out in single file when I commanded them to move!

The only compliant I have; When the jeeps are grouped together it is impossible to select only one unit.

- Matt

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The trees are displaying fine for me.

a suggestions:
If your unit cant reach it''s destination it just wait until it could get there; most other engines abort walking when the destination can''t be reached, or it tries to get as close as possible (by calculating a new path to the goal and taking close units into consideration. perhaps a unit that stands still on the map should be represented in the pathfinding algorithm?).

Using DirectX 8.0a on an P2-233 with a Voodoo 3 w/ a year old drivers.

Well have fun, it seems this engine could be the beginning of something nice. Oh, and make it scroll faster. A little slow now.

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