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People, I''m having a problem in programming Pipes in Win32, can someone help me? This is my problem: Im writting a program that do the next 3 steps: 1) Open a Pipe (and take the HANDLE) 2) Write in the Pipe 3) Read the Pipe 4) Close the HANDLE This 3 steps are inside a loop (for). The problem is that each time that I''m opening I saw in the NT Task Manager another HANDLE more in the "Handle Counter" of the process, but when I close the HANDLE (in step 4) the Handle Counter didn''t decrease, Do you know if I''m doing the Thinks well??? Another thing, when I''m trying to Open the pipe maybe is close so I try it again, and again, and again, each 10 miliseconds, and each conection fail increase the Handle Counter another time and other time and I saw a number bigger than 100 in the now famous Handle Count. Thanks a lot, Sorry for my horrible english, Santiago from Argentina.

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