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Ant Farms Storyline

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Did a little tweaking to the Ant Farms storyline enjoy:




A bulldozer rolls through the jungle forcing you and your ant colony to migrate deeper into the jungle. One day as your searching for food and water, you come across a very odd pool of water which appears to be almost magically producing life naturally. You drink from the pool of water and begin to bring water back to the colony for everyone to drink from it. The more your colony begins to drink from the pool, the more intelligent the colony becomes and begins to become more aware of their surroundings. Eventually the entire colony is transformed into a super intelligent race of ants.


One day, as the sun rises, you hear a loud noise you remember hearing before, but did not fully understand what it was before, roaring through the jungle. You hear loud thumps echoing through the jungle and you can see trees being knocked down in the distance. You decide to investigate the noise and bring a few scouts a long with you. You see a large group of giants riding giant steel machines knocking over the trees. You attempt to make first contact and ask them to stop but they swat at you and try to attack you. You and your scouts run back to the colony to warn the others.  Later on you are greeted by the fairies that tell you about the evil humans and their terrible way of life.   


The fairies tell them they are a large group of evil people who do not work together for the greater good of their colony, but instead they live for their individual selfish needs and destroy everything they come in contact with including jungles. They harvest the jungle and use it to build massive tree homes on the ground in what they call a city. The city is filled with pollution, loud noises and dangerous creatures. The fairies warn us that we must never make contact with them and avoid them for our own safety.  


One day while searching for food, a human approaches the colony and begins to set the ant farm on fire using a giant magnifying glass. The flames roared through the colony killing thousands of innocent ants whom did not provoke the attack. Once the fires where put out, I found my wife in the ash. She did not make it out in time. As I dug deeper in the ash, I found the queen barely hanging on to life, with her last breath of air, she told me to manage the colony and protect us at all cost. From that day forward, we vowed to honor our Queens request and will defeat the evil humans at all costs.   


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