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Should I be using blender as my first game engine?

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I am new to game development. I was learning how to create 3d models in blender to use in an android game, but I was reading that you can use blender game engine for creating android games. 
Is it a good idea to use it since I couldnt find any reviews about it. is it actually being used by developers to create android games? 
Would you prefer using other game engines over BGE?

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Blender is great for 3d art creation, but the BGE is really best for prototyping. The performance isn't very good compared to other options, and the Android export you talk of if I'm not mistaken hasn't been updated in years.

I'd say if you want a relatively easy tool, you could learn Gamemaker Studio. It is meant for 2d games, but you can always use 3d renders as 2d sprites. I have done plenty of that.

If you want something more complex and actually 3d, you could use Unity3d. You can easily learn on the free version(which can actually be used commercially) and then purchase the Android export when you are ready.

Both of those options cost, one more than the other. But I mention them because they are likely the easiest way to get games working on Android, but they also work on windows, MacOS, and iOS, and Unity3d works on Linux too(developer preview anyways...). An alternative would be to use something like Corona or Marmalade. I'm understanding with those you have more code and less GUI to help with, which may not be what you want if you are an artist. You could also code in the "lower level" language yourself. For iOS, that's likely obj-c, and for android that would possibly be Java or C++. The catch with that last method is that it takes much more effort to make something cross-platform, hence why I recommended either Gamemaker or Unity3d.

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