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Adapter format

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noatom    927
So I'm converting some old direct3d 9 code to direct3d 11,and I need to retrieve some information like:
the adapter display modes
enumerate the available displays
and list the possible adapter formats

Now,I know how to do the first 2,but the last one...I don't really understand what it means.Don't we setup the format just for the backbuffer? What is the adapter format? Is it the format in which the adapter works with all the data? Edited by noatom

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cozzie    5029
Hi, In d3d9 fullscreen the adapter format is always the same as backbufferformat (surface). Also works windowed, but there you can use other combinations. I'd assume the same goes for d3d11. Don't forget to check if the device supports the format. You can check dx11 sdk docs which function might return the possibilities or use the device caps.

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