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Doop - My Mom Breathes Fire

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The consequences of being a hardcore gamer in a hostile environment. 


Here in all of it's 8-bit glory Joy-Toilet is working to bring you Doop, who's mom breathes fire.  Chad Doop loves playing video-games. The problem with that is, his evil fire-breathing mom thinks it all just rots his brain away so she condemned him from playing his Azulo X300 indefinitely. Being the die-hard gamer that he is, one day Doop got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing.
Doop will be a 2D sidescroller with isometric tendencies.  The game as of now is in a pre-alpha state with character animations, grids and graphics taking a front seat.  The game is also currently being tested on both custom and commercial game engines.  Look forward to simple and possibly nostalgic gameplay coming out of our end by Q2 2013.




Doop-icon.png Chad Doop - A (sometimes) quiet 10-year old boy who loves playing RPGs and shoot 'em up/blow 'em up games on MAX VOLUME!!!


Mum - Mum is insane.  She is also the head of the household, no one has actually ever seen mum except Dad who is never home.  According to him, she breathes fire and drains blood.


Dad - Dad is our hero when he can be.


Kixx - The Doop's handy dandy puppy, she's cute.  But she bites.


Ludem Doop - The introvert, half-asshole older brother of Chad.  He sells "stuff" from his bedroom window to his friends outside, and "Mum Repellent" to his little brother from random closets in the house, inside.  Ludem suspects that Chad is an android because he has no baby pictures and well, his eyes glow red too.





iOS (pending)


Contact us via:










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